Docket Management

When it comes to custom software, the words of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright very much apply - Form must follow function. Custom software solutions must cater to the unique model within which your business operates.

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Courthouse Docket Software (CDS)

Speed & Efficiency

The CDS system contains two parts: docket entry and signage.
The docket entry portion of the CDS system allows judges and other court officials to enter docket information from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. This information is then stored on a master list, which updates dockets in real time.

The CDS software allows for signage to be displayed and dockets to be generated based on the entered information, all within a couple mouse clicks. Dockets can also be produced in many different formats, and can be sorted by judge, location, time, date, or with all information on the same document.

By creating displays and up-to-date docket information, a courthouse can maximize its flow and minimize confusion. With the Apply Engineering CDS system, individuals are able to easily identify the details of their court appearances or be notified immediately of any schedule alterations or other relevant changes. The system also helps to prepare individuals for security checkpoints throughout the courthouse, reducing traffic bottlenecks and increasing the flow and efficiency of the entire building.

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